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WTTS Rock the River with The Revivalists Band of Horses and Maggie Koerner

July 30, 2023

Over the weekend, the WTTS Rock the River concert at the TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park featured Maggie Koerner, Band of Horses, and The Revivalists.

The Revivalists setlist: All My Friends, Oh No, Good Old Days, Don’t Look Back, You and I, Down in the Dirt, The Long Con, It Was a Sin, High and Dry (Radiohead cover with Maggie Koerner), Catching Fireflies, Soulfight, Kid

Encore: How We Move, Only You, Wish I Knew You

Band of Horses setlist: Monsters, Laredo, Lights, Marry Song, Hag, Crutch, NW Apt., Warning Signs, No One’s Gonna Love You, The Great Salt Lake, Is There a Ghost, The General Specific, Ode to LRC, The Funeral

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