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WTTS Rock to Read with Death Cab for Cutie & Rayland Baxter

WTTS Rock to Read

Death Cab for Cutie & Rayland Baxter

Murat Theatre

Indianapolis, IN

Photos by: Tony Vasquez of Vasquez Photography


Setlist: I Dreamt We Spoke Again, Summer Years, The Ghosts of Beverly Drive, Long Division, Title and Registration, Gold Rush, Crooked Teeth, Photobooth, No Sunlight, What Sarah Said, 60 & Punk, I Will Possess Your Heart, You Moved Away, Black Sun, Expo ’86, Northern Lights, Doors Unlocked and Open, Cath…, Soul Meets Body, The Sound of Settling

Encore: I will Follow You Into the Dark, When We Drive, Tiny Vessels, Transatlanticism





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