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Spafford | 5/5-6/18 | Republic NOLA | New Orleans, LA

photos by:  Roger Patteson of Type 2 Photography

Spafford | 5/5/18 | Republic NOLA | New Orleans, LA

I: Dis Go In 5? > In the Eyes of Thieves, Leave the Light On, Fuel*, Ain’t That Wrong**, Tongue N Groove***, My Road (My Road), Watermelon Man****

E: Electric Taco Stand

*First Time Played
**with Joel Cummins on Keys
***Steve Kimock – FTP
****Herbie Hancock
– Jazz Fest Late Night Show


Spafford | 5/6/18 | Republic NOLA | New Orleans, LA

I: When it Falls, Todd’s Tots, Simon & Lilly, The Postman, Mind’s Unchained, All In, America

E: Cleaning Windows**, The Reprise

**Van Morrison – FTP
-Jazz Fest Late Night Show

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