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The Wailers @ The Sidebar Theater

The Wailers @ The Sidebar Theater


Review and photos by: Robbey Pye

Monday, May 23rd The Wailers came to Tallahassee for a show at the Sidebar Theater. The doors were packed from the start and the small venue did a fantastic job mediating a big crowd. The band performed some classic hits by the band from when legend, Bob Marley, was still a part of the group. It was awesome to see one of the most influential figures in music history still making his impact. Even though Bob Marley’s death in 1981 left an irreplaceable void, the crowd and performers seemed to all be mesmerized by the classic jams. Everyone seemed laid back and happy as they soaked in the band’s beats. A few of the originals performed were “Could you be Loved”, “I Shot the Sheriff”, “Jamming”, and “Exodus”. The locals in Tallahassee were lucky to catch such an awesome show, considering how crazy The Wailers tour schedule gets following the Tallahassee show. They go back up the East Coast, all the way up and down Cali, and even out of the country to Puerto Rico here soon. It was a fun night and a show that I was fortunate to attend.

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