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Dumpstaphunk 1/31

Dumpstaphunk 1/31/16

The Side Bar Theater, Tallahassee, FL

Words and Photos by: Robbey Pye

On January 3lst, The Side Bar Theater in Tallahassee hosted a great show. It started off right, as Catfish Alliance opened up for Dumpstaphunk and both did a great job keeping the crowd intrigued by the jams and dancing around from start to finish. The Sidebar Theater did a great job hosting the event, as everything went smooth. There were no issues and the employees at The Side Bar were very accommodating with my media pass. The music itself was awesome coming from both bands and gave the crowd fun and entertainment for the whole duration of the show. I can honestly say that this was one of my favorite shows I’ve seen here in Tallahassee, and am already planning on seeing Catfish Alliance and Dumpstaphunk again. If you like the phunk, I suggest you do the same, as you will not want to miss out!

Catfish Alliance was one of the most entertaining bands I have ever seen. Their music is considered “sex rock”, and the Sexual Manatee no doubt knows how to mesmerize the crowd with his crazy dance moves. The tone was set correctly for Dumpstaphunk, who soon took the spotlight on the stage. If funk music interests you, Dumpstaphunk is a must see. The band is from New Orleans and has played about 12 consecutive years at New Orleans’ Jazz and Heritage Festival, as well as many other well-known festivals. Most of their songs from their show came from their latest album, Dirty World, such as “Water”, “I Know You Know”, “Blueswave”, “Dancin to the Truth”, and “Take Time”. They also did a few from their earlier album, Everybody Want Some, such as “Everybody Want Some”, “Gassman Chronicles”, and “Do Ya”. The highlight of my night was definitely when they busted out a cover of “Red Hot Mama” by Funkadelic. Leave it up to Dumpstaphunk to give the crowd what they want and throw something at us by the funk legend, George Clinton. Listening to such live music from a great band is an exciting experience to have. I wish I could go back and relive the show, and already can’t wait to get dumpstaphunky again.


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