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Beck The Night Running Tour

Beck with


Wild Belle

August 4, 2019

Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center

Noblesville, IN

Photos by: Tony Vasquez

Beck Setlist: Loser, Devils Haircut, The New Pollution, Girl, Gamma Ray, I’m So Free, Black Tambourine, Go It Alone, Mixed Business, The Golden Age (Partial), Lost Cause, Debra, Wow, Saw Lightning, Dreams, Up All Night, E-Pro

Encore: Where It’s At, Night Running (Cage the Elephant cover with Where It’s At reprise)

Spoon Setlist: Knock Knock Knock, No Bullets Spent, The Way We Get By, My Mathematical Mind, The Underdog, Hot Thoughts, Inside Out, I Turn My Camera On, Don’t You Evah, Do You, Rent I Pay


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